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Matts Andersson, DDS, PhD

Title:  The Impact of Accuracy and Precision in the Digital World of Prosthodontics


Synopsis:  The introduction of digital manufacturing systems has sometimes led to the assumption that precision and accuracy is not an issue anymore. The digital system takes all responsibility and we do not have to bother at all. The presentation will deal with the limitation and possibilities with existing and coming systems for digital oral rehabilitation.


Course Objectives:

·         How accurate is our digital system today?

·         Is precision more important than accuracy?

·         Can we accept less accuracy and thereby save cost?


Bio:  Dr. Andersson received his dental degree from Gothenburg University, and his PhD from the University of Umeå.  He has served as the Managing Director of Proceraâ, and the Manager of Proceraâ Research & Development for Nobel Biocare.  In 2000, he continued with Nobel Biocare, and became the Chief Scientist Customized Prosthetics R&D.  Currently, he is Head of Early Development, and Chief Scientist R&D for Nobel Biocare AB, Göteborg, Sweden.  Dr. Andersson has published extensively and has 33 patents under his name.


Conflict of interest letter:  Full time Nobel Biocare Chief Scientist