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94TH Annual Scientific Session

May 16-20, 2012



Wednesday, May 16

7:00-5:00 Executive Board Meeting

12:00-7:00 Registration

6:00-10:00 Welcome Reception and Louis Blatterfein Dinner


Thursday, May 17

7:00-9:00 Registration

7:00-8:00 Get Acquainted Breakfast

8:00-1:00 Scientific Session

8:00-8:30 Opening Ceremony

Presiding Fellow: Kenneth Malament

8:30-9:30 Speaker 1 (Keynote)   Dr. Kenneth Kornman, Boston, MA

                                                    ?Inflammation, Your Health, and the Health of Your Patients?

9:30-10:00 Speaker 2                  Dr. Leslie Laing  (AF) (+Discusser)

                                                    "Green Tea, Lollipops, Licorice Root: the Sjögren's Quest".

10:00-10:35 Speaker 3                Dr. Lawrence Brecht (F)

                                                    ?Mandibular Reconstruction and Rehabilitation:

                                                     Innovation through the Convergence of Technology and Collaboration?

10:35-11:05 BREAK                         

Presiding Fellow: Carol Lefebvre

11.05-11:45 Speaker 4               Dr. Frauke Müller, Geneva, Switzerland

                                                   ?Prosthodontics in Multimorbid Patients?

11:45-12:15 Speaker 5               Dr. Robert Taft (AF)  (+ Discusser)

                                                   "The Use of Digital Technologies in Forensic Identification"

12:15-1:00 Speaker 6                Dr. Susanne Scherrer, Geneva, Switzerland

                                                   "Zirconia in Prosthodontics: Options and Quality Control"


10:00-3:00 Spouses/Guests Outing

1:00-5:00 First Business Meeting (AP Fellows Only)

5:00-7:00 Exhibit Meet and Greet


Friday, May 18                                 

7:00-1:00 Sponsor Exhibits               

8:00-1:00 Scientific Session

Presiding Fellow: Stephen Campbell

8:00-8:10 Announcements

8:10-8:55   Speaker 7              Dr. Martha Somerman, Bethesda, MD

                                                ?NIDCR ? Maintaining the Cutting Edge?

8:55-9:25   Speaker 8              Dr. Gary Goldstein (F)

                                                ?The NIDCR and its Impact on Academic Appointment,

                                                 Promotion and Dental School Curricula?

9:25-9:55   Speaker 9              Dr. Clark Stanford (F)

                                                "Pathways to Success - The role that Prosthodontists can play in the

                                                 emerging areas of translational sciences."

9.55-10:25                               Panel Discussion

10:25-10:50 BREAK

Presiding Fellow: Stephen Riedy (to be confirmed)

10.50-11.30 Speaker 10          Dr. François Roulet, Gainesville, FL

                                                ?Minimally Invasive Esthetic Dentistry?

11:30-12:00 Speaker 11          Dr. Jack Gerrow  (F)

                                                ?Dental Education and Licensure in a ?Global World?: Can

                                                Competence be Measured? "

12:00-12:30 Speaker 12          Dr. Minjin Choi (AF)  (+ Discusser)

                                                ?Ultrasound Imagery for Use in Dental Implant Site Diagnosis,

                                                Treatment Planning, and during Surgery?

12:30-1:00  Speaker 13           Dr. Hiroshi Hirayama (AF)  (+ Discusser)

                                                "Digital Prosthodontics: Now and Future"

5:00-9:00 Social Outing and Dinner


Saturday, May 19

7:00-1:00 Sponsor Exhibits

8:00-1:00 Scientific Session

Presiding Fellow: Carl Driscoll

8:00-8:10 Announcements

8:10-8:40 Speaker 14              Dr. Nelson Silva, New York, NY (+ Discusser)

                                                ?All-ceramic Systems: Laboratory and Clinical Performance?

8:40-9:10 Speaker 15              Dr. Donald Curtis, San Francisco (+Discusser)

                                                ?Confidence and correctness in clinical decision-making

9:10-9:40-Speaker 16              Dr. Kent Knoernschild (F)

                                                ?Dental Implant Outcome Generalizations ­ How Helpful Are They??

9:40-10:15 Speaker 17            Dr. Jonathan Ferencz (F)

                                                ?High Strength Ceramic Fixed Partial Dentures: The Nexus of

                                                Research, Industry and Clinical Experience?

10:15-10:45 BREAK             

Presiding Fellow: TBD

10:45-11:25 Speaker 18          Mr. Michael Girard, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

                                                ?Winds of Change?

11:20-11.50 Speaker 19          Dr. German Gallucci, Boston, MA (+ Discusser)

                                                ?Dental Digital Technologies in Implant Prosthodontics?

11:55-12:25 Speaker 20          Dr. Kumar Shah, Los Angeles, CA (+Discusser)

                                                ?Cement-retained or screw-retained implant restorations...

                                                How about neither??

12:25-1:00 Speaker 21            Dr. Petra Guess, Freiburg, Germany (+ Discusser)

                                                ?Minimally Invasive Treatment Concepts:

                                                Science & Clinical Recommendations?



1:15-3:00 Executive Council Meeting/Luncheon

6:00-7:00 President?s Reception

7:00-10:00 Installation Banquet



Sunday, May 20

8:00-1:00 Scientific Session

Presiding Fellow: Thomas McGarry

8:00-8:05 Announcements

8:05-8:35   Speaker 22            Dr. David Chvartzsaid, Toronto, Canada (+ Discusser)

                                                ?The Experience of Implant Complications and Opinions

                                                Regarding Complications among Dentists in Private Practice?         

8:35-9:05   Speaker 23            Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Chicago, IL (+Discusser)

                                                ?Corrosion in Implant Dentistry, myth or fact??

9:05-9:35   Speaker 24            Dr. Samantha Siranli, Augusta, GA (+ Discusser)

                                                ?Implants in the Esthetic Zone"

9:35-10:05 Speaker 25            Dr. Sreenivas Koka (F)

                                                ?Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: Fact and Fiction?  

10:05-10:35     BREAK

Presiding Fellow: TBD

10.35-10:50                             Presentation for the Maui, Hawaii 2013 Meeting

10:50-11.20   Speaker 26        Dr. Ben Wu (F)

                                                ?Intraoral Hearing Device?

11:20-11:50   Speaker 27        Dr. Carlo Ercoli (F)

                                                "Indications and Applications of Sonic Handpiece Technology in

                                                Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery?

11:50-12:20   Speaker 28        Dr. Ichiro Nishimura (F)

                                                ?NeuroEngineering: Evolution of Biopsychosocial Networks in



12:30-3:30 Second Business Meeting (AP Fellows Only)