Yataro Komiyama  DDS, PhD



Learning from the past

Learning objectives:

  1. Original protocol
  2. Long-term result
  3. Minimal tissue violation


 A small piece of pure titanium has drastically changed the concept of treatment in modern dentistry not only from the viewpoint of clinical procedure but also from the research field.  A tremendous number of patients have been received the benefits of the implant treatment and they have been satisfied with the results.

 However, around the world, there are many reports regarding the problems of the implant treatment e.g. bone resorption, periimplantitis, sinusitis and fracture of component. It was not so common when we were following the original protocol previously. The convenience for dentists does not always correspond with the benefit of patients. It might be the results of violation against the Mother Nature such as the healing process and delicacy of tissue. We should focus on the scientifically demonstrated long-term results than the near-term results in the implant treatment.

 It is necessary to re-evaluate the original protocol established by Brånemark. I would like to discuss about some valuable tips in it and utilization of it in order to provide satisfaction for our patients over the years. The original protocol is never a fossil.   


 Dr. Komiyama earned his DDS at Tokyo Dental College, Japan in 1971 and his PhD in the Department of Prosthodontics at Postgraduate School, Tokyo Dental College, Japan in 1976.

 He was at University of Gothenburg, Sweden as a guest researcher between 1980 and 1983. He was trained by Professor P.-I. Brånemark, Dr. R. Adell and Dr. U. Lekholm in the osseointegrated implant during his stay in Gothenburg.

 He operated his first clinical case in Japan with Professor Brånemark in June 1983 at Tokyo Dental College. He worked as Assistant and Associate Professor at Tokyo Dental College until 1990.

 In 1990, he established Brånemark Osseointegration Center, Tokyo, Japan being created to act as a treatment and training center that is opened freely for every dentist. He has collaborated with several universities on research activities relating the implant treatment.

 He is Clinical Professor at Tokyo Dental College and Visiting Professors at several universities.

 He is Vice President of Japan Prosthodontic Society.