Sunyoung Ma (BDS, DClinDent)



Implant Overdenture ? Past, Present, and Future

Learning objectives:

  1. Key implant overdenture studies and their outcomes,
  2. Current implant overdenture research areas and
  3. Novel treatment approaches in implant overdentures


Implant overdenture has become an effective rehabilitation option for our edentulous patients improving their functional, psychological and psychosocial aspects. With the long-term clinical study results, implant overdentures have contributed significantly to the oral implant research in the areas of surgical/loading protocols, biological/prosthodontic outcomes and patient-oriented results. This presentation will focus on some of the key implant overdenture studies including the new direction in the research interest areas. 


Dr Sunyoung Ma is a Senior Lecturer in Prosthodontics at the University of Otago, New Zealand where she also completed her postgraduate specialist prosthodontic training. She is currently in charge of coordinating the undergraduate and postgraduate removable prosthodontic curricula. Her research interests include complete and implant overdentures, gerodontology as well as multimedia dental curriculum development.