The Academy of Prosthodontics
Distinguished Service Award

The Academy of Prosthodontics Distinguished Service Award is presented to any Fellow of the Academy, who has distinguished her or himself through her/his devotion and service to the specialty of Prosthodontics and the Academy of Prosthodontics.

The Award was presented for the first time in 2005 during the Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Award Recipients



2022 - Jane Brewer, in Coronado, California
Presented by President Lisa A. Lang 

 - Thomas Taylor, at the 2021 Virtual Meeting and in Coronado, California
Presented by President Lisa A. Lang

2019 - George Zarb was presented the 2019 Distinguished Service Award by Past President Dr. James C. Taylor in Banff, Canada

2018 - Brien Lang, in Chicago, Illinois 
Presented by Past President David Brown

2017 - Niles F. Guichet, in Sarasota, Florida
Presented by President David Brown 

 - Jonathan Wiens, in Palm Springs, California
Presented by Past President Sreenivas Koka
2015 - Charles L. Bolender, in Austin, Texas
Presented by Past President Hans-Peter Weber

2014 - Charles J. Goodacre, in Bern, Switzerland
Presented by Past President Thomas Taylor

2013 - Ronand P. Desjardins, in Maui, Hawaii
Presented by Past President Steve Eckert

2012 - David H. Wands, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Presented by Past President David Eggleston

2011 - Edward J. Plekavich, in Hilton Head, South Carolina
Presented by Past President Charles Goodacre

2010 - Howard M. Landesman, in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico
Presented by Past President Steve Campbell

2009 - Donald C. Kramer, in Chicago, Illinois
Presented by Past President Rhonda Jacob

2008 - William R. Laney, in Houston, Texas
Presented by Past President Gary Goldstein

2007 - J. Hart Long, in New York, New York
Presented by Past President Jonathan Wiens

2006 - Glen P. McGivney, in San Francisco, California
Presented by Past President William Laney

2005 - S. Howard Payne, in Scottsdale, Arizona
Ronald Desjardins presented the first Academy of Prosthodontics Distinguished Service Award