Brian J Fitzpatrick - BDSc, MDSc, FRACDS



Is it a Failure of Treatment or Simply a Healing Variable?

3 learning objectives:     

  • Identify and explore the key requirements for implant success and survival
  • Recognize potential need and instigate care to prevent or minimize the risk of implant complications
  • Educate and motivate others in order to improve awareness, learning and behavior that contribute to healthy long-term implant outcomes

Abstract of presentation:             

Prosthodontics and Periodontics meet at the gingival margin and much is written and spoken about interventions promoted to control and predict implant healing outcomes. Healthy osseous and gingival tissues and simultaneous pleasing soft tissue profiles are an integral ingredient in the success of conventional and implant supported crowns. What constitutes success and survival at this critical cosmetic junction is unclear.  Despite attempts at defining success and failure for our dental implant healing outcomes, it remains controversial and no universal guidelines for success seem to account for all clinical observations. This paper will explore some clinical observations with osseous and gingival tissue healing responses around dental implants that challenge conventional thinking.


Dr Brian Fitzpatrick graduated from the University of Queensland, School of Dentistry in 1976. He spent several years in private general practice in Brisbane and completed his prosthodontic training at the University of Queensland being awarded an MDSc in 1983. He then undertook initial training in implant Prosthodontics at the University of Washington, Seattle in 1983 and advanced implant training at the University of Gothenberg, Sweden in 1987.  He has been in full-time specialist private practice in Brisbane since 1985. He has for many years maintained part-time teaching and continuing professional education responsibilities at the University of Queensland. He has delivered a considerable number of invited scholarly presentations in Australia and internationally on various subjects including aspects of Evidence Based Dentistry. Dr Fitzpatrick maintains membership of numerous national and international prosthodontic and implant organizations. He is a reviewer for the Australian Dental Journal and the International Journal of Prosthodontics. He is currently President of the Australian Prosthodontic Society and serves in executive positions of several National and International Prosthodontic organizations and Boards in leadership and advisory positions while maintaining a full-time prosthodontic practice.