Nels Ewoldsen DDS, MSD


Zirconia?s Promise & Problems: Hype, Hysteria & Change
Prior to Identifying/Controlling Variables


This presentation reviews the time course, technology and limitations associated with development of zirconia-based, lab fabricated crowns and fixed partial dentures. The future of all-ceramic restorations hinges on identifying shortfalls in testing protocols as well as controlling variables in a fragmented market.  Esthetic veneered zirconia has given way to monolithic, computer-manufactured zirconia compositions, especially in posterior applications.  Recognition of process errors, technique refinements and material modifications have contributed to improved outcomes.  Implementation of an international database with standardized reporting of adverse events warrants exploration.

Learning Objectives

Following this presentation, dentists, technicians and dental staff should be able to:

- describe an adverse event as it relates to dentistry

- list at least three variables resulting from ?process errors? related to lab fabrication of indirect zirconia restorations

- explain the influences material hardness and microstructure homogeneity have on wear behavior

Speaker Bio:

Nels Ewoldsen earned his DDS and MSD (Dental Materials & Prosthodontics) from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1978 and 1994.  He owns and operates a private practice in Waveland, IN and enjoys teaching dental students, residents and dentists putting his background in product development to practical use.  Dr. Ewoldsen serves as a consultant to dental manufacturers and focuses on materials and techniques bringing better dentistry to patients, especially the underserved.  Director, New Technologies, GC America 1999-2002; Clinical Research Director/Consultant, Dentsply Prosthetics 2002-2012.