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2019 Scientific Session
of the Academy of Prosthodontics

Program Speakers
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Wael_Att-web.jpg  Wael Att    Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry
Bahat_Scrub-web.png  Oded Bahat   Surgical Implant Reconstruction: Observations, Limitations, & Solutions
Portraitfoto_Prof_-Beuer-web.jpg  Florian Beuer    All-Ceramics on Implants and Teeth: A Three-Step-Concept
Cooper_Web.jpg  Lyndon Cooper    Are Short Implants a Graftless Solution for Dental Implant Therapy?
driscoll-web.jpg  Carl Driscoll    What is the Most Important Factor When Selecting Which Material to Use   for Your Implant Restorations?
Daniel_Edelhoff-web.jpg  Daniel Edelhoff    Innovative Pre-treatment Options for Complex Rehabilitation
Marco_Ferrari-web.jpg  Marco Ferrari    Endodontically Treated Teeth as Part of Prosthodontic Treatment:
 Different Restorative Options
Freilich_Martin_100w.jpg Martin Freilich   Novel Solution for Dry Mouth Patients
 Effie_Habsha_2019_100w.jpg  Effie Habsha    Implant Surgery in the 4th Dimension: Passing Fad or Here to Stay?
Hammerle-web.jpg  Christoph
   Ridge Preservation: Emerging Concepts and Clinical Consequences
Kattadiyil_-_Website.jpg  Mathew T. Kattadiyil     

 Gender Disparities in Prosthodontics: Podium Perspectives

Kelly_R_web.png J. Robert Kelly    Novel Solution for Dry Mouth Patients
Laing_Gibbard_Leslie_100w.jpg  Leslie Laing    Novel Solution for Dry Mouth Patients
Bach_LeP2-web.jpg  Bach Le  
BWM_portrait1-web.jpg  Baldwin Marchack    Interdisciplinary Dentistry: Clinical Relevance
A_Margvelashvili_web.jpg  Ann
   Teeth, Time, Tooth Wear 2 Million Years of Physiology and Pathology
 of Dentoalveolar Structures
McGarry-web.jpg  Thomas McGarry    Anatomic Considerations When Utilizing Non-Anatomic Implant Positioning
Dean_Morton_100w.jpg  Dean Morton    Adhering to Proven Analog Protocols in the Digital World. A Key to
 Optimizing Outcomes
muller-web.jpg  Frauke Mueller    The Nightlife Of A Removable Prosthesis
022_Rekow_-_web.jpg  Dianne Rekow    The Digital Tsunami: What Does the Future Promise?
Roulet_F_web.png  Jean-Francois
   Light Curing Matters ? Especially for Indirect Restorations
IrenaSailer100w.jpg  Irena Sailer    The Resin-Bonded Bridge - Current State of Art for Replacement of
 Missing Teeth
Salinas_Thomas-web.jpg  Thomas Salinas    Maxillofacial Reconstruction: Modern Day Approach and Application
Geoffrey_Thompson_100W.jpg  Geoffrey Thompson    Implant Dental Materials
Thompson-web.jpg  Van Thompson    Ceramic Fatigue - Beauty and the Beast
tysowsky-web.jpg George Tysowsky    Contemporary All Ceramic Materials?Current Status and Future Trends
Wadhwani_Chandur_Photo.jpg  Chandur Wadhwani    Implant Success & Failure: Where the Truth Lies
Priebe_J_web.png  Jennifer 
   Advances in Diagnostic Imaging of the Temporomandibular Joints