Fellowship Memorials

The Academy has been fortunate to enjoy the contributions, collegiality, friendship and participation of many distinguished dentists who are greatly missed by the Fellows who pursue the aims and objectives of the Academy in their absence.  This page offers an opportunity to access Memorials that were presented to the Academy's membership.

Dr. I. Kenneth Adisman*

Dr. Carl Jerry Andres

Dr. Douglas A. Atwood*

Dr. Dewey H. Bell*

Dr. Louis Blatterfein

Dr. Louis Boucher

Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark

Dr. Thomas Curtis

Dr. Henry E. Ebel

Dr. Charles E. Ellinger

Dr. Robert E. Gillis Jr.

Dr. Davis Henderson*

Dr. John B. Holmes

Dr. James E. House

Dr. Gordon E. King

Dr. Alex Koper

Dr. Frank James Kratochvil

Dr. Bill Kydd

Dr. William R. Laney

Dr. J. Hart Long

Dr. James L. Lord*

Dr. Robert B. Lytle*

Dr. Glen P. McGivney*

Dr. Dorsey J. Moore

Dr. S. Howard Payne*

Dr. John E. Rhoads

Dr. Kenneth Rudd*

Dr. Dale Elwood Smith*

Dr. Robert H. Sprigg

Dr. Charles Swoope*

Dr. Doug Wendt*

Dr. Kenneth E. Wical

Dr. Noel Wilkie

Dr. Robert Wright

Dr. Albert Yurkstas*

* Past AP President