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The Academy of Prosthodontics
96th Annual Meeting and International Congress, 2015

Program Speakers

Wednesday, April 29

Jim_Hodge_-_LYNN_website.jpg Jim Hodge Your Money or Your Life?
Sandra_Petronio_-_website.jpg Sandra Petronio Process of Communicating with Patients:
Revealing Problems & Working to Help Patients Disclose Issues
Dr. Bavitz Bruce Bavitz Vital Root Retention, Coronectomy and Autotransplants?
Cool Things We do with Natural Teeth
Sunita_Ho_-_website.jpg Sunita Ho Strain-induced Adaptation:
A Determinant for Effective Prosthodontic Therapy
Reva_Barewal_photo_-_WEBSITE.jpg Reva Barewal Clinical Issues Surrounding Dental Management of Sleep Disordered Breathing
Martin_Freilich_-_website2.jpg Martin Freilich Osteoporosis and Bone Augmentation / Implant Outcomes:
An Observational Study
Keith_Ferro_-_LYNN_website.jpg Keith Ferro Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms
Placeholder 100x125 Baldwin Marchack Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms

Thursday, April 30

Melanie_Kingsley_-_LYNN_website.jpg Melanie Kingsley Perioral Cosmetic Procedures
Anuradha_Koka_-_website.jpg Anuradha Koka Radiation Oncology Past, Present and Future
Dr. Nguyen Caroline Nguyen The Impact of Oncologic Treatments on Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Frank_Higginbottom_-_LYNN_website.jpg Frank Higginbottom Digital Implant Dentistry ?New Technology for Teeth and Implants?
Parel_-_LYNN_website.jpg Steve Parel Shapes:
A Curvilinear Retrospective Of Over 30 Years With Osseointegration
Ulrike_Beier_-_LYNN_website.jpg Ulrike Beier Longevity of Porcelain Veneer Restorations:
What Do We Know?
Alon_Preiskel_-_website.jpg Alon Preiskel ?Doctor, My Tooth is Broken?:
The Relevance of Dental Research in Clinical Practice

Friday, May 1

Matt_Roberts_-_LYNN_website.jpg Matt Roberts Integration of Digital Technology in Aesthetic, Reconstructive Dentistry
Effrat_Habasha_-_LYNN_website.jpg Effrat Habsha Dental Continuing Education in a Private Practice Setting
Ercoli_photo_-_LYNN_website.jpg Carlo Ercoli When Specialties Overlap: 
A Personal Journey and Thoughts for the Future

Roman_Cirbirka_-_LYNN_website.jpg  Roman Cibirka New Technologies in Health Care Education for Generation Z
 Dr. Won  John Won Dental Education in the Digital Age
Dr. Ziebert Anthony Ziebert Accreditation, Prosthodontics Standards, and the Future of Prosthodontic Education
Joanne_Walton_-_LYNN_website.jpg Joanne Walton Who?s in 1st, What?s in 2nd, I Don?t Know?s in 3rd?
Getting a Handle on the Curriculum
Stephen Wagner Steve Wagner Communication, Sharing and Mentorship:
Expanding the Influence of the Academy of Prosthodontics Through Learning Groups

Saturday, May 2

Izchak_Barzilay_-_LYNN_website.jpg Izchak Barzilay Guided Surgery for Dummies
Chris_Marchack_-_LYNN_website.jpg Chris Marchack 10 Years of CAD/CAM Guided Surgery:
What Have We Learned?
Dave_Felton_-_LYNN_website.jpg Dave Felton Tooth Loss, Complete Edentulism and Co-Morbid Factors:
An Update
HP_Weber_-_LYNN_website.jpg Hans Peter Weber Abutment Color and Mucosal Thickness:
What is the Correlation?
Sadowsky_Steven_Photo.jpg Steven Sadowsky Have We Become Better Prognosticators When Considering Implant Restorative Therapies?
Mijin Choi Mijin Choi Management of Class 2 Malocclusions: 
Considerations for Reconstructive Treatment Positions
Ben_Wu_-_LYNN_website.jpg Ben Wu
Bioengineering the Future of Prosthodontics