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2020 Scientific Session
of the Academy of Prosthodontics

Program Speakers
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
2020_Ashville/Afshari_Fatemeh 100w  Fatemeh Afshari    Curriculum Innovation: Redefining Oral Health - Mapping out the Future
2020_Ashville/Anadioti_eva_pic_100w.jpg  Eva Anadioti    Maxillary Implant Overdentures: What do we Know?
2020_Ashville/Baba_Nadim 100w  Nadim Baba    Digital Dentures and Education
2020_Ashville/Campbell_Stephen_D_Photo_100w.jpg Stephen Campbell    Creating a Digital Dental Curriculum
2020_Ashville/Photo_Place_Holder_100w_x_120h.jpg  Stephen J. Chu    A Paradigm Shift in Implant Macro Design
2020_Ashville/Cornell_DON_headshot_100w.jpg  Donald Cornell    Esthetics In The Age of Monolithic Restorations
2020_Ashville/Culp_Photo_old_pic_100w.jpg  Lee Culp    The Next Evolution of the Dental Laboratory
2020_Ashville/Photo_Place_Holder_100w_x_120h.jpg  Joseph DeSimone    Breakthroughs in Imprint Lithography and 3D Additive Fabrication
 2020_Ashville/Eckert_Steven_Pic_100w.jpg  Steven Eckert    Implant Design- A 40-year Prosthodontic-Surgical Perspective
2018_Chicago/Ercoli_Photo_2018_Web.jpg  Carlo Ercoli    Fixed Dental Restorations and the Periodontum: Is it Time to Bury Some   Skeletons?
2020_Ashville/Ferencz_jonathan_L_Pic_100w.jpg   Jonathan Ferencz    

The Second Machine Age: Challenges and Opportunities for Prosthodontics


2020_Ashville/Fishman_Alison_Pic_100w.jpg  Allison Fishman    Patient Centered Risk Assessment in Implant Treatment Planning
2018_Chicago/Goldstein_Photo_2018_Web.jpg  Gary Goldstein    Making Clinical Sense of 3D Metrology Software
2018_Chicago/Goodacre_Photo_2018_Web.jpg  Charles Goodacre    State of the Art in Digital Prosthodontics-Restorative Education
2020_Ashville/Kao_Rich_pic_100w.jpg  Richard Kao    The New Perio Classification and what this Means to the Restorative Clinician
2020_Ashville/Kucey_Brian_old_pic_100w.jpg  Brian Kucey  
The Mandibular Dental Implant Fixed Prosthesis: A Checklist for Implementation
2020_Ashville/Photo_Place_Holder_100w_x_120h.jpg  Elena H. Kucey    Adjunctive Neuromodulator Therapy in the Prosthodontic Practice
2017_Sarasota/Layton_Danielle100wjpg.jpg  Danielle Layton    
A Critical Review of Ceramic Veneer Modality of Treatment. Risk Assessment of Veneers vs Full crowns
2020_Ashville/Lin_Guo-Hao_Pic_100w_2.jpg  Alex Lin  
Restorative Management Decisions Based on thin/thick Phenotypeand Presence/Absence of Keratinized Mucosa
2020_Ashville/Miles_in_Merida_3_cropped_100w.jpg  Dale Miles    Everything you wanted to know about CBCT. Teaching CBCT Interpretation
2018_Chicago/Poggio_Photo_2018_Web.jpg  Carlo Poggio    Knife-Edged Zr Ceramic Margins?
2020_Ashville/Scherrer_Susanne_Pic_100w.jpg  Susanne Scherrer    

 Zirconia ? Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)

2017_Sarasota/EN_CV-Enrico-Steger_Kurzform_2016-10-27.jpg  Enrico Steger    Full Arch Prosthetics with Computer Dental Diagnostics
2020_Ashville/Tuminelli_Frank_old_pic_100w.jpg  Frank Tuminelli     How many Implants do we really need? 
2020_Ashville/Vafiadis_Dean  Dean Vafiadis    Digital Design of the Implant Emergence Profile
2020_Ashville/Wu_Benjamin_M_Pic_100w.jpg  Ben M. Wu    
Biomimetic Microenvironments for Tissue Repair: Bone Repair with Biomimetic Apatites, Bioinspired Growth Factors, Orthobiologics
2020_Ashville/Yuan_new pic 100w  Judy Yuan    Curriculum Innovation: Redefining Oral Health - Navigating the Present