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2021 Virtual Scientific Session
of the Academy of Prosthodontics

Program Speakers
desimone_100w_jpg Keynote Speaker:
Joseph DeSimone
  Digital Transformation in Manufacturing to Improve Oral Health
chu_pic_100w_jpg  Stephen J. Chu   Risks, Complications, and Solutions with Immediate Tooth Replacement in the Esthetic Zone: A Paradigm Shift
 culp_100w_jpg  Lee Culp   Creating the Virtual Patient for Optimal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
 cornell_don_headshot_100w_jpg  Donald Cornell   Esthetics In The Age of Monolithic Restorations
fehmer_vincent_100w_jpg  Vincent Fehmer   Monolithic Implant Reconstructions - The Keystone to Advances in CAD/CAM Technologies
 ferencz_jonathan_100w_jpg  Jonathan Ferencz  

The Second Machine Age: Challenges and Opportunities for Prosthodontics

 kao_rich_pic_100w_jpg  Richard Kao   Making the New AAP Disease Classification Relevant
 lin_guohaopic_100w_jpg  Guo-Hao (Alex) Lin   Restorative Management Decisions Based on Peri-Implant Soft Tissue  Phenotype
 layton_100w_jpg  Danielle Layton   The Game of Risk: Veneers vs Full Crowns
 Ercoli_Photo_2018_Web.jpg  Carlo Ercoli   Fixed Dental Restorations and the Periodontum: Is it Time to Bury Some  Skeletons?
 scherrer_susanne_pic_100w_jpg  Susanne Scherrer   Zirconia- Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
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