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2017 Annual Scientific Session
of the Academy of Prosthodontics

Program Speakers

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eckert_2016photo100w.jpg Steven Eckert  
Hammerle_Christoph100w.jpg Christoph Hämmerle   Minimally Invasive Implant Therapy Applying Short and Narrow Implants
Cooper_Web_Photo_2016-2.jpg Lyndon F. Cooper
EN_CV-Enrico-Steger_Kurzform_2016-10-27.jpg Enrico Steger  
Campbell_Stephen_100w.jpg Stephen Campbell

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Scherrer-3x4-2014.jpg Suzanne Scherrer   Grinding Damage Assessment on Dental Ceramics
Wael Att
   3D Engineering in Contemporary Implant Dentistry
Van_Thompson.jpg Van Thompson

Ceramic Materials, Enamel Still Shines

Jomathan_Ferencz_0880-2.jpg Jonathan Ferencz  

Digital Workflows in the Prosthodontic Practice

G_Gallucci_100w.jpg German Gallucci   Esthetic Outcomes and Digital Technology in Implant Prosthodontics
Tom_Taylor100w.jpg Thomas Taylor    

Occlusion and Dental Implants:  What?s Wrong with this Picture?

GuessPetra100w.jpg Petra Guess

Digital Workflows: Predictable Outcomes for Complex Rehabilitations


Friday, April 28, 2017

Dan_Nathanson.jpg Dan Nathanson  

The Controversial Veneer Restoration: Venerable or Questionable?

Strub_Joerg_8-21-2013.jpg Joerg Strub    When to Go With Pink Porcelain
Nevins-ML-picture100w.jpg Marc Nevins  

Implant Esthetics: Surgical Predictability and Challenges

Wadhwani_Chandur_Photo.jpg Chandur Wadhwani   Improving Dental Implant Health by Understanding the Soft
Tissue Connection
DanielleLayton100w.jpg Danielle Layton   Systematic Reviews: Facts and Fairy Tales
HP_Weber100w.jpg H.P. Weber   Short and Narrow-Diameter Implants
Morton_Image.jpg Dean Morton   Contemporary Prosthodontic Protocols for Dental Implant Placement and Restoration

Saturday, April 29, 2017

portrait_Sailer_2014_2_Mb.jpg Irena Sailer    

White and Pink Esthetics:  The Science and Art

Sonia_Portrait.jpg Sonia Leziy
  Implants and Esthetics: Reducing the Risks and Improving the Outcomes
MarinelloCarlo100w.jpg Carlo Marinello    

Removable Prosthodontics. From Analog and Mechanical to
Digital and Biological.

Sukotjo.jpg Cortino Sukotjo   Biofunctionalization of Collagen Membrane with Thin Film of
TiO2 Deposited Using Atomic Layer Deposition Technique 
Nishimura_Photo_15.jpg Ichiro Nishimura   Genetic and Molecular Mechanism of Socket Preservation
Afshari.jpg Fatemeh Afshari   Recall and Caries Risk Assessment and Management for
the Prosthodontic Patient
Don_Curtis_2016.jpg Donald Curtis   Maintenance of Tooth-Borne and Implant-Borne Restorations
Chadur W