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The Academy of Prosthodontics
97th Annual Meeting and International Congress, 2016

Program Speakers

Wednesday, March 30

Valachovic_2016photo100w.jpg Richard Valachovic The Future of Prosthodontic Education
Bartlett_2016photo100w.jpg David Bartlett Prosthodontic Education around the Commonwealth: UK
Walton_2016photo100w.jpg Terry Walton Prosthodontic Education around the Commonwealth: Australia
Chvartszaid_2016photo100w.jpg David Chvartszaid Prosthodontic Education around the Commonwealth: Canada
Le_2016photo100w.jpg Hamilton Le Rediscovering Prevention in the Titanium Era of Dentistry:
A CAMBRA Approach for the Caries Resistant Restoration 
Avivi-Arber_2016photo100w.jpg Limor Avivi-Arber Brain plasticity: The Basis for a Paradigm Shift in Oral Rehabilitation
Yuan_2016photo100w.jpg Judy Yuan
Effect of Brushing on Shade and Surface Roughness of CAD/CAM All-Ceramic Restorations

Thursday, March 31

Landesman_2016photo100w.jpg Howard Landesman

The Changing Profession of Dentistry SOG_100w_copy.jpg

Esposito_2016photo100w.jpg Salvatore Esposito
Parel_100w.jpg Stephen Parel

A Retrospective on Denture Construction and the Emerging Prosthodontic Perspective of Treating Edentulism   SOG_100w_copy.jpg       

Calvani_2016photo100w.jpg Lino Calvani Bone Resorption Patterns: An Updated Review of its Anatomical and Physiological Causes
Denry_2016photo100w.jpg Isabelle Denry Sturm und Drang: into Zirconia's Unknown
Lee_2016photo100w.jpg Sang Lee Explore The Applications of Digital Dentistry in Prosthodontics

Friday, April 1

Salinas_2016photo100w.jpg Thomas Salinas
Microvascular Flap Reconstruction of Maxillofacial Defects: Challenges of Peri-Implant Soft Tissue
Okay_2016100w.jpg Devin Okay Vascularized Bone Free Flap Reconstruction and Implant Supported Prosthodontic Restoration of Maxillo-Mandibular Defects
Grant_2016photo100w.jpg Gerald Grant
Use of Advanced Digital Technologies in Maxillofacial Prosthetic Fabrication
J_Kelly_2016photo100w.jpg James Kelly Evaluation of Endosteal Implants Placed Prior to or During Non-Surgical Therapy in the Head and Neck Cancer Patient:
Part II, 5-years later
Knoernschild_2016photo100w.jpg Kent Knoernschild Prosthodontics: The Next Generation
Eckert_2016photo100w.jpg Steven Eckert Research and Publications in Implant Dentistry: Where we have been and where are we going?
Gratton_2016photo100w.jpg David Gratton Global Perspective on Digital Prosthodontics

Saturday, April 2

Smidt_2016photo100w.jpg Ami Smidt Non-Surgical Augmentation with Orthodontic Extrusion for Implant Supported Single Crowns in the Aesthetic Zone ? the Comprehensive Approach
Pin_Harry_2016photo100w.jpg Oliver Pin-Harry Optimizing Soft Tissue Esthetics in Implant Therapy
Martin_2016photo100w.jpg Will Martin Determining Esthetic Risk in Implant Rehabilitation
Wohrle_2016photo100w.jpg Peter Wohrle Systematic Approach to Planning and Placing Implants for Maximum Prosthetic Outcome: The Future is Here with CAD-CAM
Malament_2016photo100w.jpg Ken Malament Integration of Esthetic Dentistry in Routine and Complex Prosthodontics
R_Kelly_2016photo100w.jpg Robert Kelly Ceramics in Implant Dentistry
Sorensen_2016photo100w.jpg John Sorensen Modern Ceramics & Digital Technologies: A Synergistic Partnership Enhancing Prosthodontics
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